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roles: storyteller, editor, producer, applicant;)

Welcome to my application for the Kennedys! Congratulations on all of the applications you've looked over so far :) I invite you sit back and enjoy, because today you will be watching part of an episode of a solo Dungeons and Dragons character creation Twitch stream that I normally run with a friend! A bit of necessary context:

  • This is a 25 minute edit from a 2.5 hour long live stream.

  • Every aspect of this character creation is completely randomized live. Part of the challenge is for me to create a character with a cohesive story given everything that was rolled.

  • The edit does not give explanation to some Dungeons & Dragons terms.

Scroll below to get the short and long of it, depending on how much time you have. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to get everything!


Have a good one!


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if you are short on time, here's exactly when I answer :)

02:53 - 03:48

05:04 - 06:52

07:47 - 11:30

14:10 - 19:34

20:49 - 23:43

what are you?

can you show us how you're rich?

how would you make an object in your bedroom famous?

can you create a character and introduce us to them?

what would you like to make that you don't have resources for right now?


take a closer look at the character I built on stream


if you have time/are curious, here's the full version!

You will see your name on this page Jarrod! I came across Wieden during the early pandemic speaker series y'all did.

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A little more context on my answer to question 5!


"in college, I worked with a lot of student written productions"

This is the actual stream I run that frames my response to this application.

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