hi, im claire!

she/her | camps in the woods for ren faire | takes long walks in the clouds

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Dear Person Visiting My Portfolio Website,

Thank you so much for visiting and taking time to learn more about me and the things I love. I hope that you're having a lovely time; I've tried my best to be intentional about the projects you see here and communicate who I am honestly. This website is a love letter to myself. A reminder that while the pandemic threw things around, I am excited with what I've done in the meantime and in spite of changing circumstances.

If we haven't spoken yet, let me tell you about me. I graduated from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in December 2020. I majored in Marketing and minored in Visual Media. I love to think visually and tell stories in any way I am able.

I am actively looking and applying to strategy and account management roles at creative ad agencies. 

I aspire to tell compelling stories, managing a collaborative group on impactful projects that will help to improve the world! I like to follow a story from start to finish, from the initial brainstorm to the final event or product. Again, it's wonderful to meet you, and I hope you enjoy looking through all of my accomplishments and personal projects!

Let's stay connected! Reach out to me via my LinkedIn or my email.

Wishing you the happiest day,